William Malone's Sexy ALIEN Clone CREATURE Comes To DVD

Film maker William Malone is finally releasing his adult-themed 'Alien' inspired remake 'Creature' on DVD !

From Malone's Facebook page:
A new Titan Find (better known as Creature here in the States) (1985) DVD hits the streets on March 16th. "This is a completely NEW high resolution transfer from the Camera Original Answer Print done in Widescreen Scope format (2:35 aspect ratio). This also [is] the original longer cut under its shooting title (and UK release title) TITAN FIND with never before seen footage and loaded with extras. It features Director's Commentary, Art Gallery with original pre-production art and on screen interviews with director and cast members. The initial release (Mar. 16) with be the SD version... Blu-ray to follow at a yet undetermined date. This is the first authorized DVD of this title and the only WIDESCREEN version ever available."


A rag-tag group of explorers is sent to the planet Titan in an attempt to beat a rival German company to excavation that could lead to large profits. Upon arrival the group finds that the rival company had beaten them to the site, but their crew had mysteriously vanished. The uncertainty of the mission leads to several crew members "hooking up" to get their minds off things. While some crew members are "getting friendly" others a falling victim to a mysterious space monster that looks, acts, and kills just like the one from 'Alien'.

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