Star Wars Episode 7 Rumors: Animated Prequel and Billy Dee, Billy Dee!

Star Wars Episode 7 News Update: Will Animated Series 'Reclamation' Introduce J.J Abrams' New Film?

From Latino Post

After numerous rumors about "Star Wars Episode VII" surfaced the web, pages from a mysterious "Star Wars" project entitled "Reclamation" appeared online.

Bleeding Cool posted six pages from what appears to be an official pitch for a new "Star Wars" animated series that would take place between 'Return of the Jedi' and the upcoming Episode 7.

According to the overview of the animated series the "Star Wars: Reclamation" is a "story designed to introduce the audience to themes and characters pivotal to Episode VII and beyond." The pages also described the broad overview of the show and its cast of characters, which include Leia Organa, Kala Calrissian and a Jedi knight named Sky Bonteri. The plot finds the struggling Republic still dealing witch pockets of resistance from Imperial loyalists fifteen years after the destruction of the second Death Star, but both sides are forced into an uneasy alliance when an army of billions of killer droids emerges from the depths of Coruscant, threatening anyone and everyone.


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Billy Dee Williams campaigning to be in Star Wars 7

From Yahoo Movies UK

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all but assured to be part of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and it seems Anthony Daniels will be too, but what about Billy Dee Williams?
The actor, who played Lando Calrissian, took to his Facebook page to rally his fans and get them to tell Disney and LucasFilm that they want to see Lando return to the galaxy far far away.

Those running the page on Billy Dee's behalf wrote: "The best way to ensure that Billy Dee Williams will be in the new film is to FB, TWITTER, BLOG and tell Disney and Lucasfilm that you want to see LANDO again!"

This was then followed by a statement from the man himself, who said: "I am in the dark with the actual plans that Disney and Lucasfilm have for the future of the 'Star Wars' universe.
"I have heard the same rumors that the fans heard, that a new trilogy is being made, that spin-offs may be made, that we all [Mark, Carrie, Harrison and myself] are going to be reprising our roles in these projects."

It's not uncommon for actors to take to social media for support - it's how Vin Diesel got the latest Riddick film off the ground and Sylvester Stallone is very talkative about the 'Expendables' series.


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