ATLANTIC RIM - Amazingly It's About Giant Robots Fighting Giant Monsters

Source: Avery Guerra

Finally something original from The Asylum, a studio known for cheap knock-offs of Hollywood blockbusters. In their latest film 'Atlantic Rim' all the nations of the world join forces to construct giant robots to defend the world against giant alien monsters bent on destruction.

"Pacific Rim"? ... never heard of it. I'm talking about "Atlantic Rim" a movie about giant monsters and robots here.

A huge Hollywood production directed by Guillermo del Toro that has been receiving huge hype for the past two years?

Wow! How did that one get past me?

LOL! Okay I was only playing. Indeed this is another 'clone' film from The Asylum that is an obvious rip-off of del Toro's upcoming 'Pacific Rim' and as I mentioned above it is a non-stop orgy of metal and monsters that looks like 'Godzilla' meets 'Transformers' with a little 'Robot Jox' thrown in for good measure.

However, to be fair, had it not been for "Pacific Rim" this trailer would look pretty darn cool!

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