Godzilla to attack San Francisco!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Dread Central

 When Legendary Pictures announced that they were going to make a new Godzilla movie way back in 2010 fans began to speculate on just which American city was going to get stomped by the famous movie monster. Many believed that New York City would be an obvious choice, while others wanted Los Angles to be raided by 'The King of Monsters.' Yours truly had a different idea, I thought San Francisco would make a better choice due to it's panoramic vistas and strategic position along the Pacific coast. I also had a bit of history on my side in choosing the bay area due to the fact that Hary Rybnick and Edward Barison of AB-PT Pictures had chosen the area for their Americanized version of 'Godzilla Raids Again' entitled 'The Volcano Monsters', which was never produced, and that the unused script for Tristar's 'Godzilla 94' centered around San Francisco.

Apparently Legendary Pictures agreed with my logic because it will indeed be San Francisco that faces the wrath of the mighty Godzilla.

Dread Central reports:

Alright, Godzilla fans! We're back with another dose of morning madness! Since Legendary's Godzilla was first announced, we've been wondering which cities would crumble as a result of his destructive ways. Now we know one of them for sure!

During our exhaustive daily search to bring you every single little thing coming out of the now shooting in Canada Godzilla flick, we came across the following video, which underscores the fact that Big G is set to trample San Fran! Check it out!

Here is the video:

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  1. Sweet. The City by the Bay, is about the become a radioactive wasteland... I wonder if Oakland escapes the same fate? Be an upgrade. But in all seriousness, I am very excited. Just a year and change away. Yay.


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