Relax, Star Wars Fans: J.J. Abrams Is Better For You Than He Was For Star Trek

From Cinemablend

So you came home from Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend, and you were a little bit nervous. Maybe the movie didn.t live up to your expectations, and suddenly concerned by what Trek director J.J. Abrams is going to do with his next project . you know, a little franchise named Star Wars. I understand your concerns. Into Darkness struck me (and a few others) as a heavy dose of fan service that somehow still played fast and loose with the canon of the series it was supposed to honor. When Into Darkness opened, I appeared on multiple radio and TV segments talking about the sequel. I ended up repeating variations of this same point: It.s a solid summer popcorn movie, but Trekkies might be annoyed by the tweaks Abrams and his team made to some cherished Trek storylines. (Hint: Khan) Will the same thing happen ...


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