HAZE: Some Malaysians are starting to blame ALIENS

With this year's haze hitting a 16-year high, some Malaysian netizens are taking to humour to help them cope with their frustrations.

A modified photograph has been making its rounds in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and QQ showing a smoggy stretch of the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) and what appears to be a tentacled creature partially obscured in the background.

One of the captions that accompanied the photograph reads, "Oh crap, so it actually isn't Indonesia's fault," in an allusion to the post-apocalyptic alien-invasion genre that's currently popular in cinemas as well as television.

The owner of the Facebook account who wrote the caption told Malaysia Chronicle that he decided to use this caption as an back-handed slap to the many racist and xenophobic comments that have arisen as a result of the haze, not just in private comments but also in both the mainstream and online media.



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