Caroline Munro's New Horror Movie

by Armand Vaquer

Above, Caroline Munro and Armand at the 2012 Monsterpalooza.
Actress Caroline Munro is making a new horror movie and the producers are inviting people to invest.

According to Classic Horror Campaign:
Sultry Hammer Horror star Caroline Munro has teamed up with London’s Misty Moon Gallery to make a brand new horror film to be premiered at the Misty Moon Gallery in time for Halloween! The Landlady is a portmanteau horror in the tradition of Amicus classics like Dr Terror’s House of Horrors
The Landlady is being shot with a professional cast and crew but needs your help with funding to make sure it’s completed in time for Halloween.
Investors will be entitled to some "perks," according to the article.

For details, go here.

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