Godzilla 2014 VFX: WETA, MPC, Double Negative, CafeFX, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., The Third Floor

Godzilla 2014. Who’s responsible for special effects production as this movie, the hoped-for American improvement to that disaster of a so-called Godzilla movie of 1998, speeds toward a Summer 2014 release? Well, after some digging by this blogger, the Godzilla 2014 special effects team consists of: WETA, MPC, Double Negative, CafeFX, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., and The Third Floor.

WETA was involved early, and was responsible for the overall design of the Godzilla creature up to 2012, and before giving way to MPC, or Moving-Picture Company, later that year. (UPDATE: Now for those of you asking why WETA gave way to MPC, I do not know the answer to that question, and I’m reluctant to speculate without some kernal of information.)

The question is, will WETA’s early involvement give way to an eventual listing in the movie’s credits? As of this writing, there’s no mention of WETA in the official Godzilla credits for Godzilla 2014 on the IMDB Database, either in WETA’s profile, or for the Godzilla movie itself.

For Godzilla, MPC’s Guillaume Rocheron is serving as VFX Supervisor, according to the MPC website, which has a special page on Godzilla. Mr. Rocheron served in a similar role for Legendary Pictures’ Man Of Steel. MPC’s overall roll is as coordinator for the efforts of the other vfx houses.

The company was also working on a trailer for Godzilla, as far back as December 2012, and while reports to this blogger were that it was to be released for the Super Bowl, it has not been shown because of legal issues with the family of the late J. Robert Oppenheimer, who’s quote “I am become death..” was to be employed to what was rumored to be “frightening effect” in the trailer and was seen to a smaller degree at Comic Con 2012, but the legal squabble has put that on hold, for now.



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