'Ultraman' flies into Guinness World Records for most spinoffs

After nearly a half-century of battling monsters and aliens in every shape, size and form, the beloved "Ultraman" TV series has been certified by Guinness World Records as having the most spinoffs in the world, Tsuburaya Productions Co. announced Sept. 12.

A total of 27 spinoffs of the "tokusatsu" science fiction series, known for its special effects, has been aired since the first series “Ultraman” premiered in 1966, Guinness World Records said.

The 27 spinoffs include “Ultra Seven” (1967), the anime version “The Ultraman” (1979) and “Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle” (2007), in which monsters play leading roles, and the latest “Ultraman Galaxy,” which started in July.

Tsuburaya Productions sent related materials about its long-running series and spinoffs this spring at the request of Guinness World Records, a company official said.

The award gives the production company another reason to celebrate since this year also marks its 50th anniversary.



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