Captain Marvel's 10 Definitive Issues

From Marvel Comics

Since her debut in 1968, Carol Susan Jane Danvers has experienced her fair share of ups, downs, victories, defeats, setbacks, and triumphs. Carol's grit, swagger, and fighting spirit has remained constant throughout her nearly five decades in the Marvel Universe, even as her name changed from Ms. to Captain Marvel.

The fighter pilot turned Avenger will reach another milestone in her super hero career this December with the release of CAPTAIN MARVEL #10—an over-sized celebration of Carol and her Corps by series writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists David Lopez and Marcio Takara. To mark this momentous occasion, we've compiled a list of 10 of Captain Marvel's most definitive issues to date, arranged here in chronological order!


Carol first appeared as the security chief of a military base in this late 60's anthology series. Her quick introduction helped fill out the newly introduced original Captain Marvel's supporting cast, and established Danvers as the hero's leading lady—a role she would play for the next few years.


When Kree madman Yon-Rogg attempted to lure Mar-Vell into a trap by kidnapping Carol, the villain inadvertently set the stage for Ms. Marvel's genesis. The good Captain arrived just in time and saved Danvers, shielding her from a blast from Yon-Rogg's Psyche-Magnetron. The energy released by the blast transferred a portion of Mar-Vell's power to Carol—thus paving the way for her heroic future.



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