Clearance Sale of "The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan"

Source: Press Release

Armand Vaquer, author of "The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" has announced a clearance (or close-out) sale of the travel guide's first edition in preparation of publishing the second edition early next year.

"As we are shortly getting into the holiday season, and I am preparing to publish the second edition of "The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" (it should be ready during the first quarter of 2015), I am now having a close-out (or clearance) sale of the first edition for $9.95, plus $2.00 shipping and handling," Vaquer said. "By having this close-out sale of the first edition, I will be able to make room for the second edition."

Just send a check or money order payable to: 

Armand Vaquer  
18618 Collins Street, #105 
Tarzana, CA 91356 

or go through PayPal. 

For PayPal details, go to:

The sale will be while supplies last.

"The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" Clearance Sale


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