Follow the History of Black Widow Pt. 13

Natasha survives the Crossing, goes up against Onslaught, meets the Thunderbolts, and more!

From Marvel Comics

A super spy, a super hero, an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Avenger—Natasha Romanoff has been all these things and much more since making her way into the Marvel Universe over 50 years ago.

With Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and other Marvel Cinematic Universe outings continuing to raise the Black Widow’s profile, we chronicle her exciting history!

The Black Widow reunited with the rest of Earth’ Mightiest Heroes in IRON MAN #324 as Immortus’ plot to subvert Tony Stark deepened. Natasha’s friend Janet Van Dyne came out of a forced hibernation in a new Wasp form in AVENGERS #394 to aid her team in the struggle.

The Widow led her teammates through time itself to pluck a teenage Tony Stark out of the timestream in AVENGERS: TIMESLIDE, so as to help fight Tony’ older counterpart in the present. Government agent Gyrich and his Mandroids tried to stop Natasha and the Avengers in IRON MAN #325, while young Tony fell in a clash with the conflicted elder Stark. Ultimately, the present-day Iron Man sacrificed himself in AVENGERS #395 to stop Immortus, and the Widow helped to revive young Tony using Iron Man’s tech.


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