Jenna Coleman Is Leaving Doctor Who

From Yahoo! TV

The Doctor may be losing his companion.

Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald on Doctor Who, will depart the series before this year's Christmas Special, the U.K.'s Daily Mirror reports. She'll next be seen playing Queen Victoria in a drama for Britain's ITV, according to the Mirror.

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Coleman, 29, has reportedly already filmed her final scenes on the show, whose ninth series premieres on Sunday, though the BBC would not confirm her departure.

Coleman has starred on Doctor Who since 2012, alongside Peter Capaldi and his predecessor, Matt Smith. Writer Steven Moffat tells the BBC that Coleman had asked to be written out of the show twice and changed her mind both times. Her fate was left undecided after a cliff-hanger in the finale of Season 8.

Will you miss Clara on Doctor Who?


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  1. Actually that picture is Jenna Dewan from Witches of East End. Not Jenna Coleman.


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