A Gallery Of Great Horror Comic Book Covers Just In Time For Halloween!

Vampirella #108 - September 1982 Issue - Warren Magazine

Stories in this issue include: "Vampirella: Spawn of the Star Beast"; "Sweetwater Nessie" part two; "Pantha: Circus Monstrous"; "The Fox: The Beast Lies Sleeping"; "Jeremy" part three; and "Torpedo, 1936." Written by Rich Margopoulos, Don McGregor, David Allikas, Nicola Cuti, Paul Gillon, and Sanchez Abuli. Art by Jose Gonzalez, Auraleon, Jose Ortiz, Luis Bermejo, Paul Gillon, and Alex Toth. Includes 1981 Warren Awards. Cover art by Enrich Torres.

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Witching Hour #24, October 1972 Issue - DC Comics

Written by Murray Boltinoff (as Bill Dennehy) and drawn by Alfredo Alcala.

A tourist takes a photo of a voodoo ritual which incenses the witch doctor. The witch doctor takes a photograph of the photographer and works evil magic upon it.

A waitress works evenings and both a policeman and the owner offer to walk her home as there is a killer on the loose, but she prefers to accompany a customer. When he offers to walk her home, she accepts. On the way, she pulls a knife out from under her coat and reveals herself as the killer to the policeman who was following her in order to protect her.

A man has a recurring nightmare that he is a spider about to be stung by a scorpion. The dream disturbs him so much it takes a toll on his social life and finally his wife threatens to take the children and leave unless he sees a doctor. The psychologist recommends that he focus on his current life and when he joyfully tells his wife the doctor thinks he can be cured of the nightmare he is startled when she disappears in front of him. His children and his house fade away as well and in its last moments the spider realizes that it was fantasizing it was a man to escape the terror of dying from the scorpion's tail.

Creepy #123 - November 1980 Issue - Warren Magazine

Stories in this issue include: Kiss of the Plague! by Doug Moench, Leo Summers, and Alex Toth; Hands of Fate by Carl Wessler and Martin Salvador; The Don't Make Movies by Gerry Boudreau, Carmine Infantino, and Alfredo Alcala; The Slave by Alabaster Redzone (a.k.a. Jim Stenstrum) and Jesus Blasco (art miscredited to Jaime Brocal); Harriman's Monsters! by Greg Potter and Dan Adkins; Always Leave them Laughing by Michael Fleisher, Val Mayerik, and Rudy Nebres; and Jelly by Nicola Cuti and Herb Arnold. Cover art by Ken Kelly.

Weird Mystery Tales #10, March 1974 Issue - DC Comics

"The Curse" with script by Bill Reily, art by Gil Kane; "Lady Killer" with script by Jack Oleck, art by Alfredo Alcala; and "the Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch" with script by Michael Fleisher, art by Jess Jodloman. Luis Dominguez cover.

Tomb of Dracula #43 - April 1976 Issue - Marvel Comics

Script by Marv Wolfman, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by Tom Palmer.

Paul Butterworth, reporter for the Boston Bugle has run afoul of Dracula and his quickly trying to type up his story before Dracula can find him:

His story begins on the night of New Years Eve as Mary-Ann Travers is heading home from a party, she is attacked and killed by Dracula. When the the police would arrive on the scene Paul would arrive as well trying to get a scoop on this girl who was bled dry, and his presence is less than welcomed by the police. Later, in the early hours of the new year, Margaret Simmons pays her respects to her deceased husband when she witnesses Dracula rising from the grave, and she is also fed upon by Dracula. When these reports go out, Paul begins to wonder if vampires are involved when he hears a radio advertisement for Harold H. Harold's book "True Vampire Stores", which was an eye witness account of Harold's encounter with Dracula.

Werewolf by Night #26, February 1975 Issue - Marvel Comics

Script by Doug Moench, art by Don Perlin.

The Hangman stands on a building ledge holding a rope, at the end of which swings the Werewolf, his neck in the noose. The Werewolf reaches a flagpole then yanks the rope to force the Hangman off the ledge. They both fall to the sidewalk below, and the vigilante swings his scythe for a killing blow. The beast dodges, and the blade severs the rope, allowing him to run away. The Hangman returns to his original objective, the hospitalized scientist, Dr. Winston Ridditch, whose formula transformed him a month before into the evil DePrayve. The vigilante abducts Ridditch and takes him to his lair in an abandoned movie house.

Weird Mystery Tales #15, January 1975 Issue - DC Comics

Written by Michael Fleisher (script) & Russ Carley (script continuity) and drawn by Jess Jodloman.

Doom On Vampire Mountain
Drive-In Death
Blood Moon

This is the first issue in the series to be hosted solely by Eve.

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