Supergirl in a new, more revealing costume, battles the Mer-Men.

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Adventure Comics #409 - August 1971 Issue - DC Comics

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48-page giant. Cover art by Dick Giordano. Invasion of the Mer-Men [Part 2], script and pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Dick Giordano.

Supergirl in a new, more revealing costume, battles the Mer-Men.

Supergirl battles an invasion of Mer-Men who want to steal earth's water to prevent their own planet from Death. The issue includes a reprint of the Legion of Super-heroes Satan Girl storyline which also has Supergirl in a big role.

Adventure Comics #414 - January 1972 Issue - DC Comics

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48-page giant. Cover art by Bob Oksner. Vortex starring Supergirl, Geoff Anderson, Nasthalthia Luthor, Vortex, and Harry Porgus, script by Len Wein, art by Bob Oksner.

Vortex, a villain with a weapon which can create great waves of centrifugal force, takes revenge on Harry Porgus-- a financier whom he claims stole building designs from him-- by ripping Porgus' skyscraper from its roots and plunking it down in the Grand Canyon]. Supergirl trails the building there, but her powers go out and she is captured. When her powers return, she stops Vortex from destroying the skyscraper with his power. Then she knocks him off his flying sled into a waterspout he has created in the Canyon river. She cannot find his body, and, when she is amazed that Porgus is concerned for him, she is astonished to hear him say that the Vortex was his brother.

DC Special Series #5 - November 1977 Issue - DC Comics

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Superman battles the Brainiac-Luthor team; written by Cary Bates and Martin Pasko, with art by Curt Swan and Vince Colletta.

Adventure Comics #460 - November 1978 Issue

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"A Nightmare to Remember" Starring Flash (Barry), Flash (Jay), and the Wizard. Script by Cary Bates, pencils by Irv Novick, inks by Frank Mclaughlin.

During a visit to Earth-Two, the Flash becomes trapped in a nightmare-world designed for the other Flash by the Wizard.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider Man #143, October 1988 Issue

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"Deadline in Dallas" Script by Gerry Conway. Guest-starring the Punisher. Pencils and Inks by Sal Buscema. Cover by Sal Buscema.

The Punisher, under the influence of the Persuader, is sent to Dallas to kill the Lobo brothers. Meanwhile Spider-man meets his wife MJ at a restaurant to take dinner but watches on TV that the Punisher is in Dallas. Feeling that the Punisher is in some kind of danger, he leaves and takes a flight to Dallas under the cover of a "Webs" book signature event.

There he finds the Punisher at the Lobo Brothers mansion where the Punisher and the Persuader just arrived to kill them the Brothers as an assignement by the Arranger. But Spider-man fights the Punisher until he is shot by Andrew, a hired gun who was there with the Persuader. Then the Persuader orders the Punisher to kill Spider-man but he breaks free of his mind control and kills Andrew and the Persuader. Then he leaves, Spidey comes back to New York, and the Lobo Brothers decide to take revenge on the Kingpin.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider Man #142, September 1988 Issue - Marvel Comics

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"Will" Script by Gerry Conway. Guest-starring the Punisher. Pencils and Inks by Sal Buscema. Cover by Sal Buscema.

Spider-Man fights Tombstone in Atlanta for possession of the tape, unaware that Robbie has reached a decision: he explains everything he know about Tombstone crimes and accepts his cowardy during more than twenty years.

Kate Cushing tapes every word from Robbie in front of his wife, his son Randy and the wife of his, and JJJ. In the end, Spidey defeats Tombstone and this goes to jail.

Fantastic Four #89 - August 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics

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Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by Jack Kirby. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Blinded by devices implanted in their house by the Mole Man, the Fantastic Four try to stop him without their vision. As the clumsy battle rages on, Skrulls arrive on Earth, seeking to find a warrior which they can take from the planet.

Back at the Richards home, the FF continue to struggle to fight the Mole Man, who reveals that his plot will eventually see the entire world blinded as revenge for being treated as an outcast. When Reed gets hold of the Mole Man, he takes a near fatal blast from Mole Man's staff. A stray blast from the same staff also damages the device that makes the FF blind. Enraged by what the Mole Man did to Reed, Sue lashes out at him.

The Mole Man manages to get away, however, but is soon caught by the Human Torch and brought back. Checking on Reed, he revives and is recovering from the attack. As the FF settle down after the fight, a Skrull craft touches down on the planet Earth.

Spawn #10 - May 1993 Issue - Image Comics

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Story by Dave Sim. Art by Todd McFarlane.

When Spawn tries to examine Angela's abandoned lance, it transports him into a realm beyond his wildest imaginings. While in this strange world, Spawn encounters imprisoned heroes, faces a mockery of Blind Justice in the form of the Violator, and glimpses a dreamlike scenario of happiness for him, Wanda and Cyan.

Fantastic Films #35 - September 1983 Issue - Return of the Jedi

$14.99 USD - Order Here

Articles on Return of the Jed,i War Games, Superman III, John Badham, Twilight Zone, Jack DeGovia, Buster Crabbe, Robert Vaughn, etc.

Fantastic Films #34 - July 1983 Issue - Return of the Jedi

$14.99 USD - Order Here

Articles on Return of the Jedi, Krull, Superman, Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Space Hunter, The Hunger, Blue Thunder, Never Say Never Again, etc.

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