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Amazing Spider-Man #261, February 1985 Issue - Marvel Comics

From View Obscura Comics

"The Sins of My Father!" Script by Tom DeFalco. Pencils by Ron Frenz. Inks by Joe Rubinstein. Painted cover by Charles Vess.

In the Rose's storage locker, the Hobgoblin confronts the abducted Liz and Mary Jane, inadvertently revealing that he knows MJ by name. Meanwhile, Harry finds one of Norman's journals to swap for Liz and MJ. Spidey trails Harry. At the Baxter Building, a flying probe accidentally frees the Symbiote, who seeks revenge on Spider-Man. In Central Park, the Hobgoblin knocks Harry unconscious, taking both him and the journal. Spidey follows at a safe distance. Hobby places Harry with Liz and MJ. They escape but are spotted. Hobgoblin confronts them, but the Rose decides to leave. Spidey tackles Hobgoblin, their battle causing an explosion that knocks the wall-crawler out and sets the warehouse on fire. Finding Hobby's weapon's cache, Harry uses them against the villain while Liz, surrounded by flames, goes into labor. Recovering, Spidey steps in and defeats the Hobgoblin but is forced to let him go in order to save MJ and the Osborns from the fire. Liz is whisked to the hospital. Injured, the Hobgoblin returns to his hideout where he discovers Norman's journal offers nothing new. He vows to rest, recover, then settle accounts with Spider-Man. - READ MORE

Amazing Spider-Man #378, June 1993 Issue - Marvel Comics

"Demons of Broadway" Maximum Carnage Part 3 of 14. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin.

Part 3 of "Maximum Carnage" - Eddie Brock arrives at Laguardia Airport. He sees a newspaper concerning a headline involving Carnage. He speaks aloud concerning his intention to kill Carnage, and transforms into Venom. When Airport security clumsily attempts to apprehend him, he flees. While he approaches the city, Venom laments how he feels responsible for Carnage, as his symbiote created him.

Meanwhile, Cloak and Spider-Man are nursing their wounds in the Holy Ghost Church. Cloak is beside himself with grief from losing Dagger to a surprise assault by Shriek. He expresses grief and then rage, swearing to make Shriek pay. Spider-Man then leaves to pursue leads concerning Carnage. Spider-Man, while searching, considers the fact that Carnage has teamed up with the Doppleganger and Shriek and how death and life work in a balance.

Halfway across the city, Carnage confronts Shriek and Doppleganger about their going after Spider-Man without him. Carnage effectively puts Shriek in her place, indicating that Spider-Man is his. "Every bone and sinew, every drop of blood or bile...MINE!" Believing her to be in danger from the murdering symbiote, Doppleganger attacks Carnage. Using a piece of the alien symbiote, Carnage easily knocks Doppleganger away. Carnage then informs Shriek that this "band" has one leader - him. - READ MORE

Batman #331 - January 1981 Issue - DC Comics

Cover art by Jim Aparo. Closed Circuit! starring Batman, Talia, Robin, and The Electrocutioner (intro), script by Marv Wolfman (plot) and Michael Fleisher (dialogue), pencils by Irv Novick, inks by Frank McLaughlin.

The Electrocutioner, a self-appointed executioner of criminals who slip through the hands of the law, begins a series of crook-killings in Gotham City with his electrically-charged suit. A touch from one of his hands delivers a severe shock, but when both his hands touch a victim the circuit is completed and the victim dies. Batman has three encounters with the Electrocutioner. In the first, killer Mike Caine dies; in the second, Batman rescues Dane Whitney; in the third, the Electrocutioner falls through a window, grips a metal railing, and shocks himself, so that he lets go and plunges off a cliff into the river below. Despite the growing rift between him and Batman due to his decision to drop out of college, Robin traces Ronald Watkins to Gregorian Falstaff's headquarters. He also learns that six months back, Wayne Enterprises acquired a dozen of the seediest tenements in Gotham, and the fact has made the headlines of the Daily Star. Bruce, noting the paper is published by Falstaff, says that he will have to have it out with his corpulent competitor. Later, Talia arrives at the Batcave, seeking sanctuary in the wake of Ra's Al Ghul's apparent death. Robin is vehemently opposed to the idea, but Batman agrees to it, saying Robin needs to learn more about "people, and about relationships!" Robin snaps that Batman is the one who has a lot to learn, and stomps out. - READ MORE

Batman #333 - March 1981 Issue - DC Comics

In Katmandu, Nepal, King Faraday receives the radio signal from Archer Templeton's transmitter, for which he has been waiting ten years. Batman, disguised as Karlyle Krugerrand, is allowed inside the Criminal Bank in Montfaucon, Switzerland, which handles cash for virtually all criminal organizations in the world. He learns that Falstaff did business with the bank, but his disguise is penetrated and he is wounded while escaping. Talia heals him with her special salve. Batman confides to her that Falstaff was hired to ruin Bruce Wayne, but he does not know why.

Bruce and Talia face another assassination attempt, and decide that the best way to meet their next contact, one Captain Torrents, in Hong Kong is to cross the heavily-guarded Red Chinese border. They manage to do so, despite several perils. Bruce leaves Talia behind as he boards Torrents' junk, The Phoenix. But once on board, Bruce is locked into a room which is filled with sleep gas, and he falls victim to the fumes instantly. - READ MORE

Daredevil #49 - February 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Gene Colan, inks by George Klein. First appearance of Starr Saxon in Daredevil Drops Outtt, script by Stan Lee, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by George Klein; Biggie.

Returning home, Matt Murdock decides that he is sick of being Daredevil and decides to quit his costumed adventuring because it's cost him his best friend and the girl that he loves. However, this is easier said than done when Daredevil is attacked by a robot created by Starr Saxon and hired out by Biggie Benson. Benson wants revenge against Daredevil for his involvement in his arrest following the clearing of Willie Lincoln's name.

Matt is easily overpowered by the robot, which can adapt to combat its opponent, however the robot leaves the unconscious Matt behind when it hears the tapping of Willie Lincoln's cane and flees in pre-programed self preservation. Willie takes Matt back to his home and administers first aid. - READ MORE

Daredevil #184 - July 1982 Issue - Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson. Good Guys Wear Red!, script by Frank Miller and Roger McKenzie (uncredited), pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson.

DD and the Punisher hunt down Hogman for selling drugs to kids, but the two heroes clash over their methods; DD ends up shooting the Punisher with his own gun. - READ MORE

Detective Comics #477 - June 1978 Issue - DC Comics

Cover pencils by Marshall Rogers, inks by Dick Giordano. 3 new pages, script by Len Wein, pencils by Marshall Rogers, inks by Dick Giordano.

After visiting Thorne at Arkham, Batman recalls the story "The House That Haunted Batman!" that was originally printed in Detective Comics #408. - READ MORE

Detective Comics #495 - October 1980 Issue - DC Comics

Cover art by Jim Aparo. Murder in Quicksilver starring Batman, script by Michael Fleisher, pencils by Don Newton, inks by Frank Chiaramonte. Vince Colletta bio by Mike Barr.

Batman seeks to prevent the Crime Doctor from revealing his secret identity, just as Sterling Silversmith attempts to force the plundering physician to disclose it to him. - READ MORE

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