Enough About Me Let's Talk About You ... How Unique And Interesting You Are.

Written By Ken Hulsey

I know, I always want to talk about me, after all I'm something unique and very interesting, but today I want to talk about you. Yes, honestly I want today to be about someone who is very special, very wonderful, someone beautiful.

Yes, I'm talking about you.

I know, you don't see yourself the way I see you. Generally you're unhappy, there's just something missing. You are looking for love, but somehow it always seems to be just out of reach. You have done some really bad things in your life, maybe some terrible things? Your job, well it's unsatisfying, you feel like you deserve better. Your searching for something, maybe you don't even know what, but there's something ... something or some things you need? Darkness may be everywhere, but there's a light that burns inside you ... you can feel it can't you?

You put on a brave face everyday. You can't let anyone else see the inside, see the real you. People wouldn't understand would they? People would make judgments maybe even laugh or persecute you. People just don't understand aren't understanding. Sometimes cruel, cold and sterile. You couldn't possibly open up to any of them, you want their acceptance, you don't know why but you want to be part of the group. It's better than being alone. Because you feel lonely.

Life is quite a taxing experience isn't it. It's hard, I mean really, really, really hard. There's just so much going on and there's just so much that goes on that effects you that is completely out of your control. How are you supposed to cope with that?

Life is a complex ball of confusion isn't it?

You need to make changes in your life, because you have wants and needs that just aren't being satisfied. You just want a little love, a little peace ... is that too much to ask for? Only problem is how would you do it? How would you even start?

It all starts with you. You and you alone. You can't change other people, though many people believe they can. If you want to find the answers you seek, you need to accept things about yourself that may not be pretty, things that you have done that if you had another chance you wouldn't have done them. Don't misunderstand me, you're not evil, not even close. Truth is you have just made some mistakes, in all likelihood some real big ones. Truth is, we all have. In all honesty everyone on Earth has blown it on numerous occasions. Once you understand that it will be easier to put those things behind you and begin moving forward towards happiness and satisfaction. The past may be part of you, but you can't let it become an anchor that keeps you chained in place.

Remember that light I mentioned earlier? Well that light is part of a much larger light that expands across the whole universe. It's been around since the beginning of time and it will go on forever. A piece of that lives in you. Maybe you have pushed it aside? Maybe you've ignored it? None the less it is there regardless. This light has gone by many names throughout the ages, but for the sake of argument we will just call it "The Light" which is the power of the Creator.

It is that light inside you that will help you affect the changes in your life that you desire. It will serve as the stepping stone for any journey towards the answers that you may seek. You will need to find that light, no matter how small it may be at this moment, and embrace it. There is beauty there, for you are a beautiful person both internally and externally. (Who me? No I'm just not that attractive.) Yes, you are. You may believe that people don't see you like that, but they actually do. You just need to stop being your worst critic. The light inside shines outward, even though we don't realize it, and it is an attractive quality that draws others close to it. You've had it all the time, you just never really paid any attention to it. It's this essence that you need to tap into. The key is seeing that beauty inside yourself and using it to focus your actions towards positive goals.

As I said this is a journey. None of these things are going to happen instantly, and honestly it's actually better for you in the long run that they don't. You need to embrace every moment and everyday. Life is a wonderful miracle and it was never intended to flown through at a hundred miles an hour.

The journey is going to have ups and downs. Don't be discouraged your going to hit a rough patch from time to time. it's all part of the process of change. Use these moments as exercises to build internal strength. I know your a strong person already but even so no one has all the tools they need to progress forward towards happiness and satisfaction. Strength and faith are the two most important things that will help you attain your goals in life.

Always remember that you are a unique and amazing person that has an amazing future ahead. You have an whole life full of experiences and knowledge, that if channeled properly, can be changed from something negative to something that affects positive change. Though there may be what seems to be and endless amount of darkness all around you, there is an unlimited amount of light that shines inside you and and throughout the universe that can guide you towards the answers and happiness you seek.

I look forward to talking more about you and how truly special you are.

To be continued ...

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