Writer Grek Pak and artist Cory Smith preview their upcoming "Weapon H"

It all goes back to the “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” storyline in WEAPON X. Dr. Alba’s goal was to create a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid to do his nefarious bidding. Enter: subject Clayton, a.k.a. H-Alpha. Clay was ex-military before coming under the power of Weapon X’s Batch-H division and, unlike the other test subjects, he wasn’t personally recruited but rather was sold into the project. The doctor also left a bit more of his brain than the others, hoping that this would keep Clay’s military training and discipline intact, potentially making him a better minion. He seemed like the perfect candidate. No one ever expected him to go rogue, but that’s exactly what he did. With his creators destroyed once and for all, Clay was finally free.

Though the memories of his past were murky, Clay knew he had a family out there and so he traveled from one Eaglestar facility to another, wiping out any files they had on him and anyone close to him. Of course, this also meant that Clay was destroying any chance of ever reuniting with his family again… but protecting them also means protecting them from himself.

This is where we meet Clay in WEAPON H #1 by Greg Pak (INCREDIBLE HULK) and Cory Smith (X-MEN BLUE)—available March 21! Clay is still on the run when a new kind of Wendigo threatens the safety of those around him. Can Clay really sit this one out, or is it time that this wayward test subject decides to be a hero at last?

We asked writer Grek Pak and artist Cory Smith to give us as many hints as they dared!

Marvel.com: I know you both brainstormed together for the inception of this longer run—what aspects did you guys need to fiddle around with the most when you started working on this series?

Greg Pak: Well, we had a great phone conversation where we started talking through what makes our guy tick and what he really WANTS. We’ve got a guy who’s part Hulk, and the Hulk traditionally just wants to be left alone, right? But we wanted to be sure we had a proactive, character-based mission for our guy. Can’t reveal too much for fear of spoilers… but I’m loving how this is coming together.

Cory Smith: One of the cooler parts of this project, for me, was to be included in some of those initial brainstorming sessions. Greg and our editor, Darren Shan, really welcomed me into the process and we had a great talk about this series that probably went longer than any of us expected [laughs]. We wanted to fit Weapon H into the larger Marvel mythos in a way that was different than the way Hulk or Wolverine did! I threw out a few random references to some Marvel lore and characters in our phone call, and when Greg turned in a story outline later that week I was surprised to see some of the things I mentioned were included! That’s when I knew this was going to be fun.

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