Star Wars: Leias who are Lukes, Who like Lukes to be Leias

"Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view." - Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Last week, two so-called Star Wars fans decided to cut all of the women out of The Last Jedi. And it's brought some interesting reactions from a lot of different people across the Internet. Now, we get some fan art that completely swaps the roles of twin siblings Luke and Leia. Here, Leia becomes the Master Jedi while Luke, looking like an Echo Park hipster in his feminine robes, becomes the lover of gay space pirate Han Solo. The images are already causing a ruckus. But they're pretty harmless for anyone with an open mind about where this franchise can go in the future.

Will we ever see a complete reboot of the original Star Wars with Luke and Leia trading places in some kind of Freaky Friday scenario? That's hugely doubtful. And we kind of already got that with The Force Awakens, as Rey becomes the Jedi Knight and Finn is relegated to being Poe's eye candy (at least in some fans' eyes). But this fan art shows us what that might look like. And while it will rankle some and make others giggle with questionable delight, one thing is undeniable, Leia looks pretty bad ass as a Jedi dressed in black.

In the recent book From a Certain Point of View, which looks at various moments in the official Star Wars canon from different characters' eye level, we learned that Leia was Yoda's favorite. He preferred her over Luke, and that's why he was so reluctant to train the male Skywalker. Jennifer Aberin Johnson has painted what that may have looked like, had Yoda gotten his wish.

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There was also an image of Han and Luke kissing, though I try to keep an open mind about things, but that one really creeped me out.