"Hands of Death" - Tales of Fantasy and Suspense!

Eerie #9 October 1952 American Comics Group

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Cover by Sid Check. Edited by Sol Cohen. Art by Alvin C. Hollingsworth, Sid Check, Norman Nodel, Joe Kubert and Vince Alascia.

Tales of horror from the era just before the Comics Code was introduced. A violinist makes a macabre deal to get his hands back; A hot-dogging skier must outrace a skeletal ghost-skier or forfeit his life; A pianist discovers a musical passage that revives the ghostly muse of Frederic Chopin, but it isnt a healthy relationship. Second cover appearance of the gasping girl from issue #5, now a blonde. The Phantom Hitch-Hiker; The Hands of Death!; The Thing from the Grave; Death on Skis!; The Haunted Melody; The Haunted Cave; Princess of the Subway.