"Giants of the Golden Atom" - A Thrilling Lost World Adventure

Planet Comics #55 July 1948 Fiction House

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The Lost World (art by George Evans), Futura, Auro Lord of Jupiter, Space Rangers (art by Doyle), Star Pirate (art by Maurice Whitman), Life on Other Worlds: Neptune (art by Murphy Anderson, 1 page), and Mysta of the Moon (art by Matt Baker). Text story, "Murder on Mercury."

Marcia Reynolds was a second-grade technical secretary living in Titan City of Earth sometime in the late 21st century. She had no money and no family, and only a norm-plus rating on the intelligence quota, energo-efficiency and mating potential. In other words, she was a very average human girl, for her time. That was, until she was abducted by the Brain-Lords of Cymradia, and became Specimen Nine of Project: Survival. After her body and mind was tested and probed, the Cymradians determined that she had great potential, describing her as a "prize of prizes" and giving her the lab name, Futura. The Cymradian named Mentor, suspected that though she possessed great courage and foresaw that she would assert herself as a leader. He was proven correct, as Futura proved to be a courageous fighter, successfully managing to rally the other test subjects against the Cymradians. Finally, she escaped in an escape pod, as much of the planet of Cymradia was buried in hot magma from a geyser.

After her escape from Cymradia, Futura fell into trouble with a number of space pirates, including Yrina and Omma, and Captain Blargo, the Lawless.

Futura was a tenacious and savage fighter, a good athlete and she spoke the Trans-Cosmos language.