The Fans Have Spoken: Solo is "an absolute blast to hyperspace!"

I have to admit that I was already geeked up about this movie, but now after reading these reviews that ten year old kid inside me is really loosing it.

From Indie Wire

“Solo: A Stars Wars Story” is earning strong first reactions after the film’s Hollywood premiere on May 10. The film is notorious for changing directors from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Ron Howard late into production, but it appears the shaky behind-the-scenes drama on “Solo” did not effect what ended up on screen. Even the fears about Alden Ehrenreich, who reportedly needed an acting coach on set to help course correct his performance in the titular role, are no longer needed. Nearly every reaction mentions Ehrenreich as a standout.

“‘Solo’ is really good,” Yahoo’s Kevin Polowy wrote on Twitter. “Fun as hell. It’s a straight intergalactic heist movie, kind of refreshing to see a ‘Star Wars’ movie without a Death Star or the rebellion’s fate at stake. Alden Ehrenreich is super impressive as Han.”

Other cast members earning breakout praise are Donald Glover as Lando and “Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who gives a motion capture performance as Lando’s robot sidekick L3.