Sheena Queen of the Jungle in The Beast-Pack Howls The Moon!

Jumbo Comics #120 February 1949 Fiction House

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In order of appearance: "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" art by Robert Webb; "The Ghost Gallery", "Stuart Taylor in Weird Stories of the Supernatural" and "ZX-5" art by Jack Kamen; "Sky Girl" art by Matt Baker; and "The Hawk" art by Robert Webb. "The White Flower" text story by Audrey Anthony "Toni" Blum (as Tom Alexander).

Jumbo Comics was an adventure anthology comic book published by Fiction House from 1938–1953. Jumbo Comics was Fiction House's first comics title; beforehand the publisher had specialized in pulp magazines. The lead feature for Jumbo Comics' entire run was Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Notable creators who worked on Jumbo Comics included Jack Kirby (working under a variety of pseudonyms), Bob Kane, Matt Baker, Mort Meskin, Lou Fine, Bob Powell, Mort Leav, Art Saaf, Dick Briefer, Lily Renée, and Ruth Roche. Jerry Iger was Jumbo Comics' art director for its entire run.