The Forgotten Prisoner of Castle-Mare

Vintage The Forgotten Prisoner of Castle-Mare 1/8 Scale Aurora Model Kits #422-100

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The Forgotten Prisoner of Castle-Mare is one of the most sought after and harder to find of Aurora's first run of monster models, It was the only original design in the series, a collaboration between Aurora and the staff of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, Warren Publishing Company. The box displays the logo for Warren's flagship book Famous Monsters of Filmland, in an attempt to cross-sell the product to young horror fans. The box lid also boasts wonderful painted art by Mort Kunstler. Original Kit Issued: 1966 - 68. Re-Issued: 1969-1972, 1992, 1994, 2001. Since the sales had been declining for the monster models, the last kit to be issued as a Long Box. MIB! UNOPENED, FACTORY SEALED! This is the 1992 reissue.