Friday, April 24, 2009

Robert Rodriguez To Give Predator A Reboot

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source WENN

Sometimes monster movie franchises go off the rails. It happened to Godzilla and it as happened to both Alien and Predator. Many fans weren't all to happy with the last two "Alien vs Predator" films. Believing that the two monsters deserved better films.

Well it seems that director Robert Rodriguez has heard the cries of monster movie fans around the globe and is going to 'reboot' the "Predator" films, starting with a remake of the original 1987 film that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Reportedly Rodriguez has already written the script for the film, which is tentatively titled, "Predators." The director is ready to begin production on the film once he is finished filming his current film, "Machete."

Presently very little is known about the film. It is also unknown if Schwarzenegger will be cast in the remake.

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