What Are Celebrities Doing For Halloween? - Part 1

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Patricia Tallman / Suzi Lorraine / Mr. Lobo / Rachel Grubb / Shannon McDonough

The other day, last Friday to be precise, I was sitting at work wondering, "What do celebrities dress up as on Halloween?" I mean, honestly, they pretty much dress up in costumes on almost a daily basis in their line of work. You would think that when it came to Halloween, they may be kinda 'over' the whole idea of putting on yet another costume. This whole idea really intrigued me, so I decided to get in touch with all the famous types that I have crossed paths with here at Monster Island News to find out what they had planned for the holiday, and to see if, and what, they were going to wear as a costume.

Here are a few of the replies, and they came almost immediately after I sent them.

Patricia Tallman

Now if anyone would be kinda tired of putting on costumes it would be actress/stunt woman Patricia Tallman. She's played a Klingon, a Starfleet commander, the telepath, Lyta Alexander, on "Babylon 5", a possessed witch in "Army of Darkness" and more aliens and other creatures than you can shake a stick at.

"I am attending the premier of my film Dead Air in Las Vegas at the Palms, with Bill Moseley and Corbin Bernsen and producers... Should be fun! I'll be dressed in a Grecian gown."

Here is the synopsis for "Dead Air":

International terrorism meets old-fashioned horror head-on in Dead Air, when shock-jock deejay Logan Burnhardt (Bill Moseley) and his radio crew are trapped in a downtown tower as the city outside devolves into homicidal chaos.

Dead Air is director Corbin Bernsen's dark vision of America under the threat of catastrophic biological warfare - war in which there are no victors, only victims.

War in which morality disappears and only the lucky and the ruthless will survive.

If you want to party with Patricia, and watch her new film, check out "Fangoria: Trinity of Terrors" info - http://www.trinityofterrors.com/

Suzi Lorraine

From this picture, you would think that Suzi Lorraine (Won Ton Baby! , Destined to be Ingested) is going to be "Godzilla" for Halloween, but that, sadly, is not the case.

Suzi, like Patricia, will be working on Halloween, promoting several of her latest movies

"I have a hauntingly horrific Halloween celebration planned this year. I'm co-hosting the Gorezone Weekend of Horrors Film Festival in London on Oct 31st and Nov 1st with Emily Booth. http://www.gorezone.co.uk/ I am stoked!

It's going to be a wicked cool film festival, with 14 cutting edge horror flicks premiering. We just got word that a really major horror film will be screening, and a bunch of cast members will be in attendance too. I think they're going to make the official announcement soon and reveal the name of this movie. It is a re-make of a hugely successful horror film that totally creeped me out and scared me when I was little. Trust me, fans of classic 80s horror will not be disappointed!

My 'Won Ton Baby' will also make it's European premiere at the festival on Halloween, appropriately enough! Along with 'Destined to be Ingested' and 'Bikini Girls On Ice'."

This is how Lorraine describes her film, "Won Ton Baby":

"It's a story about a broken family who have good intentions are are trying to make an honest living and make ends meet. The mom, Madame Won Ton, played by Debbie (Rochon), turned her illustrious brothel into a proper Chinese restaurant. The whole family is oblivious to the fact that one of the daughters, Little Wing, has a bizarre growth protruding from her belly. While Little Wing is sweet and kind, her classmates mock the deformity, and hurl insults at her on a regular basis. Soon enough, the growth starts causing some trouble, and Little Wing is swept off to the emergency room. A half human/half monster "baby" is removed from her belly, and proceeds to live a very peculiar existence. The Chinese "baby", aptly named "Won Ton Baby!" proves to be a small killing machine, in the body of a midget sumo wrestler meets Elvis Presley impersonator. Much to the family's chagrin, Won Ton goes on a killing rampage in his eternal quest for blood and tasty meat."

Mr. Lobo

The one thing about being a horror host on Halloween is that you pretty much are limited to just being your on screen persona. What would Halloween be like if Casandra Peterson showed up dressed like "Snow White" or Erik Lobo (Cinema Insomnia) came to your event dressed like "Gumby"?

Let's face it, "Elvira" and "Mr. Lobo" are just as much a part of Halloween as pumpkins, rubber masks and flaming bags of poo.

"I'm shooting my Halloween Special..." (More on that to come)

Rachel Grubb

Ah, now when it comes to actress/model/producer Rachel Grubb (Strip Club Slasher, Haunting Kira), the rules for Halloween change dramatically. You see Rachel really doesn't need an excuse to walk around in a costume, she does that for fun anyway.

The real problem comes down to figuring out just which one of the many she owns to wear?

"I will be returning from Oklahoma, where I'll be filming the horror 'Bad Girls Burn in HELL!' I told them I wanted to come home in time for Halloween, so they made sure I could be! I don't know for sure what I'll be this year, but I have a large collection of costumes, and I'm always buying more. I just got a vampire costume this year already, but I want to get more before the big day! I'll probably be wearing some of my Batman stuff, like maybe my Catwoman costume, my Harley Quinn costume, or my Joker scars and nurse uniform."

Shannon McDonough

Actress Shannon McDonough (It Came from Another World!, Thieves Like Us) is very easy on the eyes, so it should come to the delight of her male fans that she will be spending Halloween in next to nothing!

" I will actually be performing on Halloween with my band, Ovation-A Salute to the Music of Prince (http://www.ovationmusicgroup.com/), in Madison, WI at Scatz Nightclub (www.myspace.com/badgermusictheater) so I won't be wearing much of anything. Should be crazy!"

I have a lot more e-mails out, and more are starting to come in, so 'part 2' of this article should be ready to go fairly soon!

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