Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Exclusive First Look At Blood Moon From Ruckus Productions

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Charllie Ruckus / Avery Guerra

Everbody loves a good Werewolf movie, and Charllie Ruckus and his Ruckus Production team are just about to start work on one of their own.

The film entitled "Blood Moon" is in the early casting stage right now and filming is set to begin later this winter. So far 'scream queens' April Burril (Chainsaw Sally) and Monique Dupree (Bikini Bloodbath Christmas / Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go) have both expressed interest in roles, but neither actress a officially signed on to the project, yet.

Ruckus describes his film as, "...a psychological thriller, with surrealistic and giallo overtones."

God knows we've seen a few films lately that fit that mold!

Ruckus also noted that "Blood Moon" takes place in the 'Ruckus Universe', basically stating that all the films that all the films that the production company make all tie in together. Kinda like how "Green Acres", and "Petticoat Junction" all tie in with the "Beverly Hillbillies".

Oh, Jeeez I just dated myself big time......

Ruckus Productions is an independent horror film production company based in Westminster, MD that began making films in 2007.

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