Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog - A Case Where Inbreeding And Abuse Lead To Something Bad

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Timothy Gates / Avery Guerra

This scenario happens in every neighborhood. Some dog on your block always gets out of it's yard and chases the neighborhood cats around, grifts the local kids for food and barks all night long. Just thank God above that something whack like this isn't knocking over your trash cans looking for scraps at night!

Now, when you hear of a movie called "Dog" you probably think of something similar to "Cujo", but what director Timothy Gates has created is something more along the lines of the 1996 "X-Files" episode "Home".

You know, the one where the inbred sons are trying to have a baby with their own mother, who they keep hidden under the bed.

Yeh, that one scares the crap out of me too!

Well, I think it's safe to say that Gates has seen that one, and I wouldn't be surprised if a copy of "Cujo" is in his DVD library either. Both would seem to be inspirations for his film "Dog", which takes the the themes from both to the next level.

Here is the plot:

“A vast salvage yard lies nestled in the woods, on the edge of a small, Mid-Western town. Owned and operated by a pair of sadistic, murderous brothers, the yard is a place of death and unimaginable horror. A place that hides
the darkest of family secrets.

When night falls, the salvage yard is watched over (not by canines of the four-legged breed), but by ‘Dog,’ the owners’ younger brother.

Warped by years of abuse at the hands of his siblings and horribly deformed by generations of in-breeding, the feral and misshapen boy (more beast than man) prowls his shadowy domain, viciously slaughtering anyone foolish enough to enter after dark.

One day, a girl (‘Lizzie’) and her friend (’Pump’) enter the salvage yard and from a distance (within the darkened confines of an abandoned school bus), Dog takes notice. The sight of the young woman, causes something to rise from deep within him...a feeling he’s never felt in his entire, tortured existence. These urges drive him into the night, to track the troubled teen and his journey takes him beyond the fences of the salvage yard, to the outside world...with deadly consequences.”

I think it's safe to say that "Dog" has the 'ewww' quality to it. Just like "Home", "Dog" sounds like is going to be filled with images that you won't be able to forget.......without therapy.

Here is a collection of photos and posters from "Dog":

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