The Cloverfield Monster Finally Revealed?

Is this the Cloverfield monster? Well opinions on that are quite divided. Before writing this article I did some snooping around the net, and found about a million posts about this picture. Each person who chimed in had a very different, yet very strong opinion, on what exactly we are looking at. I have read through most of the babble and come up with the most likely, "facts" about the photo.

1. This is indeed the Cloverfield monster. Many sites are reporting this as fact, although there has been no official announcement either confirming or denying the photos authenticity. If this is the monster, then it is a case of "Godzilla 98" all over again. Many fans will remember when Zilla's secret new look was revealed before the movie premiered by over zealous toy store owners who put the action figures of the monster out before they were supposed to. I give this one about a 10% chance of being true.

2. This is a prototype for the monster design that was rejected. Many sites are reporting that it is an early design concept that got the boot. Also along with these posts are news that the design may make it into a video game that will be produced at a later date. Again there are no confirmations on any of that info. Maybe, I give this one a 15% chance.

3. This is a toy from the Cloverfield line of action figures, but its not the monster from the film. Okay, why would they make action figures for monsters not in the film? Sounds kinda weird, so its gotta be true. 90% chance.....okay 5%.

4. This photo has nothing to do with Cloverfield, and it is another of a long line of fakes that have surfaced since last July. Probably, even though the image does kinda look like what we see in the trailer, it probably isn't the real deal. Then again, the monster in the clip looks like it has a tail, so if it is, then the tail musta fallen off before this pick was taken. 75% chance here. I would say higher, but who the hell knows? Right!

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Is a back story starting to take shape?

Through Paramount's viral marketing campaign, a few facts about the movies back story have come to light. First, many fans have pondered how the fictitious company called "Slusho" will figure into the film. Well, it was revealed this past week that "Slusho" is the company that the film's main character, Rob, works for. It seems that the party seen in the trailer is a going away party for him, because he is being transferred to the companies office in Japan.

Secondly, it would seem that the monster had been doing a little dirty work before he got to the Big Apple. Three fictitious foreign news reports have been posted showing the destruction of an oil rig in the Atlantic ocean. The monster's roar can clearly be heard, and after the rig sinks, pieces of debris are thrown out of the ocean. The Cloverfield monster sure likes to throw stuff. I know one thing from being a parent, our mysterious monster friend is going through the "terrible twos". Here is an example of one of the reports:

Thank God, there are only ten more days til this one comes out!

P.S. - Keep yours ears open for special "Free" sneak preview screeings of Cloverfield in your area on January 15th!

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  1. Is the cameraman's name "HUD"? There is an implication that people can be bitten by the monster. This implies that there must be 2 types of monster, one being smaller than the other. Otherwise, a chomp from a "GODZILLAESQUE" creature would completely obliterate an average sized human. The implication of being bitten also infers that an infection could be transmitted. Could the smaller of the two be an offshoot of the larger or a smaller infected creature? Being able to kill people underground and above, would imply being in 2 places at once. Being small enough to get underground, would lead to the notion that this is how a monsters bite wouldn't destroy a human body but rather infect it. If this is the case and the cameraman's name is "HUD"? Could the irony be that "HUD" stands for "HUGE URBAN DESTROYER" and "HUMANOID UNDERGROUND DWELLER"???????????????


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