Nude Japanese Hotties Aplenty In Spy Girls Mission Cord #005

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Avery Guerra / Tars Tarkas

Is 2008 the year of the Asian action movie hotties or what? Here is yet another example of a Japanese movie featuring sexy young ladies kicking ass and loosing their clothes. This latest epic, which is written and directed by Eitoku Kawamura, is entitled "Spy Girl's Mission Cord #005" (Shin Spy Girl Daisakusen: Wakusei Kara no Shinryakusha) and from the trailer it looks a lot like "Super Ninja Doll" meets "The Mysterians." Honestly I have no idea what "Mission Cord #005" means, then again this is a Japanese film that features four sexy ladies, so I guess it doesn't really matter. "Spy Girls" stars popular Japanese model and adult film star Akiho Yoshizawa as the mysterious gold clad alien seductress, who can be seen in the films trailer running around in all forms of undress battling the three "Spy Girls".

As I have mentioned in past articles, it seems that Japanese film makers have suddenly discovered that films starring real naked women are as cool as films starring animated naked women. At least that's the way it seems these days with more and more of these adult oriented sci fi and action films being churned out on a regular basis.

Here is the plot:

At Manazuru Peninsula strange UFO sightings are accompanied by killings in which the victims’ corpses are completely mummified. When the proprietor of the nearby Institute of Space and Astronautical Science decides to investigate and promptly disappears the Spy Girls (played by gravure idols Sawa Hashimoto, Megumi Kagurazaka, and Saya Hikita) are called in to get to the bottom of things. They eventually discover the cause of all the trouble, an alien seductress with murderous intentions known only as Gold Lady (Akiho Yoshizawa), and a ridiculously slow-paced battle ensues.

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