Potter Star Radcliffe Shows A Different Side In Details Magazine Interview

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Meredith Goldblatt / Details Magazine

Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, will grace the cover of October's "DETAILS" magazine, which will also feature an in depth article on the young star. During the interview, Radcliffe opened up and revealed some intimate details about his personal life, taked about how he deals with his "Potter" fame, and expressed how much he would like to perform in drag.

Radcliffe explains his cross-gender fascination this way, “I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.”

The young star also explains why he feels that he doesn't fit the mold of the typical young and wild "Hollywood" stars.

“I don’t pretend to do anything particularly wild. People talk about rebellion and they say, ‘Where is the teenage angst?’ But I say I try to do it simply by the choices I make in the work I do. I just like wrong-footing people. I write poetry and I love it. I like being different from most other people in my generation.”

Fans can find out what else Daniel Radcliffe told "DETAILS" over at the magazines blog or by watching a video of the interview below.

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