Giant Monster Rats From Outer Space Devour LA In Rat Scratch Fever

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Quiet Earth / Fangoria (Photo Credit) / Avery Guerra

Remember back on Tuesday when I told you all about the "giant critter" movies that were made back in the early 1970s? Remember my article about the giant killer bunny rabbits in "Night of the Lepus"? Wasn't all that funny? Boy, nobody would make movies like that again! Wait.....what?.....giant killer rats....from outer space? Here we go again, it's 1970 all over again folks.

Yes, someone has just made a movie about giant killer rats that hitch a ride with some astronauts and begin breeding like crazy, creating an army of man-eaters. The film entitled, "Rat Scratch Fever" (No! Not the Ted Nugent Song!...that's Cat Scratch Fever!) features life-size rats filmed on miniature sets, just like "Night of the Lepus".

Come to think of it....the plot sounds a lot like "Green Slime"? Hey, what the heck, if your going to rip-off one old crappy film, rip them all off, I say.

Here is the synopsis:

"The toothy terror begins when astronaut Sonja (Tasha Tacosa) travels with a team to a distant planet in search of life. The private firm that finances her mission is the Steel Space Corporation. The founder of the corporation is Dr. Steel, played by Randal [THE CURSE OF LIZZIE BORDEN] Malone. When her mission goes awry after being attacked by giant rats from another planet, Sonja’s ex-marine boyfriend Jake, portrayed by Ford Austin, has to race against time to save her from Doctor Steel. The rats then make it back to earth and takeover LA!"

Takeover Los Angeles? I don't think that the gangs and the illegal aliens will give it up that easily!

See Also: Night Of The Lepus (1972)(MGM)

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