Martin King Takes A Stab At 50s B Movies With Attack Of The Slime People

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Undead Backbrain / Avery Guerra

Directer Martin King's film "Atack of the Slime People" isn't a homage to 50s B movies like Christopher Mihm's "The Monster of Phantom Lake." Instead the movie is a comedy that fallows the miss-adventures of a would-be Ed Wood named Buddy Flavanoid who takes his cinematic obsessions to a fanatical level.

So far the film, which stars Robert Tiffi as Flavanoid, is getting some very positive press. Writers have taken a shine to the films humor and high-end production values.

Here is the films synopsis:

Buddy Flavanoid is a washed up Hollywood director trying to make his big comeback and cement his place in history as one of the greats. He sets out to make a monster movie about slime people but ends up himself becoming a monster of sorts, murdering (with a baseball bat of all things) anyone who threatens to get in the way of his “uncompromising vision.” ( From - Independent Film Reviews)

"Attack of the Slime People" looks like it will be another great indie film that we will be keeping our eyes on.

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