Allyson Mitchell Believes The True Symbol Of Female Brains And Sexuality Is.....Sasquatch?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: McMaster University Museum

Many of you may remember a few months back when I posted the odd story about a group of Russian villagers who were reportedly "doing the nasty" with local female Bigfoot (known as Alma or Almasty in Russia). Well it appears that hard-up men in remote villages are not the only ones who see beauty in big harry primates.

Toronto based artist, Allyson Mitchell, has created a whole line of 10-foot-tall, anatomically correct, statues of female Sasquatches, which the artist believes is, "a monumental symbol of female brains, brawn and sexuality."


I can understand that giant female primates might symbolize power and strength, but if I was going to create statues that embodied female "brains, brawn and sexuality", I would go for buxom amazons (like Xena....or Wonder Woman...), not bigfoot.

Who am I to poke fun at art? I'm just an uncultured hethan.

Regardless of whether you would rather glare at harry primates or buxom amazons, Mitchell's work is presently on display at the McMaster University Museum of Art (In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) through March 21st

Interested art fans and cryptozoologists can find out more about "Allyson Mitchell: Ladies Sasquatch" - HERE

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