Dubai Bus Accident Leads To Doctor Who Re-Write

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: BBC News / 7 Days

A careless crane operator at a Dubai port has caused major damage to a bus that was to be used in filming the Doctor Who Easter special entitled, "Planet of the Dead." With the bus out of commission, producer Russell T Davies and co-writer Gareth Roberts had to re-work the episodes story a bit.

According to sources close to the show, the bus will now be damaged by the episode protagonists in the episode.

In the original script, The Doctor and Christina de Souza, played by Michelle Ryan, were to be mysteriously transported from London to Dubai with the bus arriving in tact.

Now it appears that their trip will be a little more suspenseful.

Reportedly filming has resumed in Dubai with the new script.

Tourist officials in Dubai were caught with egg on their face over the incident. The negative press was not what they had envisioned. It was hoped that the episode would help booster tourism in Dubai due to the fact that "Doctor Who" is watched by millions of viewers around the globe.

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