Brand New Photos From Won Shin-yeon's Taekwon V

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Our tireless "Net Surfer", Avery Guerra, has done it again! This time, during his travels through cyberspace, he was able to dig up four brand new images from Won Shin-yeon's upcoming movie, "Taekwon V".

Now, many giant robot fans here in America may not be too familiar with "Taekwon V" and it's uber popularity in Korea. As the story goes, animator Kim Cheong-gi, created the robot after the Japanese series "Mazinger Z" became a smash hit in 1972. Kim wanted to design a Korean robot hero for the children of his native country. He took the basic "Mazinger" design and altered it somewhat, then he gave his creation the ability to do taekwondo as it's primary form of attack.

The rest is history. "Taekwon V" became the first animated movie to ever be produced in Korea way back in 1976, and the title character has become an icon.

Won Shin-yeon is giving the character a modern GGI makeover in his film, which is set to be released just in time to go head-to-head with "Transformers 2" at the Korean box office.

The special effects for "Robot Taekwon V" have been in the hands of several Korean VFX companies, including Macrograph , Mofac, Insight Visual, DTI (Digital Tetra Inc.) , and EON Digital Films.

Fine examples of their labor can be seen below:

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  1. hi, these photos are actually over a year old. test images only. final design will be unveiled closer to release date: summer 2010. post production is one year (since jan '09.)



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