Update And Behind The Scenes Photos For Fable: Teeth Of Beasts Starring Melantha Blackthorne

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Medicine Show Cinema / Melantha Blackthorne (via Facebook)

Back in late June I posted the poster for "Fable: Teeth of Beasts", an occult/sci fi film starring Melantha Blackthorne. At the time, there wasn't much info on the film, in fact it wasn't even listed on the Medicine Show Cinema, the company who is producing the film, website.

Since that time more information has surfaced and actress Melantha Blackthorne has posted some behind-the-scenes photos.

"Fable: Teeth of Beasts" is Medicine Show Cinema's first attempt at producing a 'big-budget' film with multiple locations, a large cast, epic story arc and high-end special effects. Prior to this effort both producer David R Williams and director Sean Michael Argo had been wallowing in the depths of ultra-low-budget horror films, something that the duo had long wanted to break free from.

Here is a description of the film, from the production companies website:

FABLE: TEETH OF BEASTS a dark fantasy epic seasoned with elements of film noir, cyber and steam punk, black magic, action, horror, and an ass-kicking female hero. Not to mention a white trash pregnant muscle car driving goddess of the desert, mythological creatures updated, one of the creepiest child molesters ever put on film, and Ouija board modding frankenscience witches.

The basic story? A demon seeks to destroy the city of Fable, a city that exists between the worlds of magic and science, reality and fantasy, the mundane and the amazing. One woman, the aforementioned ass-kicking Lilith Noir played by the beautiful and buxom Melantha Blackthorne stands between the demon and the end of the city she calls home.

Production on "Fable" began back in 2007 and is presently entered the editing stages. As of yet, no release date has been announced.

Here are a set of behind-the-scenes shots posted by actress Melantha Blackthorne:

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