The First Trailer For Kadokawa's 'Daimajin Kanon'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

It has been some time since I last had anything to report about Kadokawa's new television series based on their 1966 film 'Daimajin' called 'Daimajin Kanon."

Last month Kadokawa began to air a rather cool new trailer for the series. The clip begins as a tribute to their prior sci fi and monster films, namely the 'Gamera' films produced between 1965 and 1999 and the 'Daimajin' films produced in the late 60s and ends with adverts for new video releases for these films.

I have to admit that seeing a crisp and clear 'Gamera' clip is a bit of an odd sight. I'm so used to the crappy American prints that have been aired for decades.

What is wedged between the giant flying turtle and the old statue come to life stuff, is a great mix of all the things that make Japanese sci fi it's own unique breed of cat. Giant monsters, over-the-top villains, bug-eyed critters on motorcycles, cute tiny aliens and something that has really made an impact on the genre of late, sexy girls in little outfits.

I think that we can thank Anime and shows like "The Ancient Dogoo Girl" for that.

Honestly, there is a scene that shows the cute little alien hiding in the sexy girls cleavage.

I'm not making that part up honest!

The series, which is being produced by Shigenori Takatera (Kamen Rider Hibiki), was originally to air back in October, but is now slated for a Spring 2010 debut.

In the original 1966 film, "Daimajin", and ancient statue is brought to life by the prayers of an oppressed village. The Daimajin destroys the armies of the evil feudal boss that ruled the village, then begins destroying the village itself. Only the tears of a young woman stops the carnage and turns the statue to dust.

From what can be seen in the new trailer, this modern version seems to follow the events from the original film series.

Looks cool enough, though you have to wonder if a series that encompasses so many cliche stereotypes from prior Japanese sci fi movies and series will be able to appeal to modern fans.

Then again, from what I have learned about the Japanese, they really don't like change very much, so the formula of re-using these elements may work out just fine.

Time will tell.

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