'Negadon' Creator, Jun Awazu, Returns With More Computerised Brilliance In The Form Of 'Planzet'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

In 2005 director Jun Awazu blew everyone away with his CGI tribute to Japanese giant monster films called, "Negadon: The Monster From Mars."

After a four year hiatus, Awaza has returned with another awesome looking animated short entitled "Planzet." This time around, the brilliant animator has traded his tentacled monster for giant 'Gundam-like' robots and aliens.

Little is known about the film at this point, except a few items that have been floating around the message boards. Occording to the reports, so far, the story takes place in 2053, when the Earth is invaded by aliens.

Not much to go on there.

Unfortunately, thats how it goes sometimes. You would think that getting news on films from Japan would be easier with the use of the Internet.......but it isn't.

Reports have the film being released in 2010, so I should have more soon.

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