Rachel Grubb Does 'Why Am I In A Box?' Up Vegas Style

Source: Rachel Grubb

Rachel Grubb is a pin-up model that's been compared to Bettie Page. She's a Scream Queen with more than 30 films under her belt. She's also an award-winning producer, writer and director. And for one night on March 26 in Las Vegas, genre fans can get up close and personal with her for $5 as PollyGrind.com presents a grindhouse event honoring Grubb.

The event at the Sci-Fi Center will kickoff at 8 p.m. with a batch of trailers, followed by the Las Vegas premiere of the Minnesotan beauty's award-winning directorial debut Why Am I In A Box?. There will also possibly be other footage shown, such as sneak preview clips of upcoming projects.

Grubb, along with actress and model Lisa Pechmiller, will be on hand after the cinema fun for a Q&A, meet and greet and autograph session. There will also be collectables such as poker chips, trading Terror Cards, as well as DVDs and photos for sale at the event.

"This should be a lot of fun," said Grubb, co-founder of the female film company Silent-But-Deadly Productions. "I always have fun in Sin City and I'm hoping my return this year will be my best time there ever."

PollyGrind creator Chad Clinton Freeman describes Why Am I In A Box? as "an edgy arthouse comedy."" He adds that Grubb is "one of the busiest people in the film game" and calls her "one of genre's biggest and brightest up and coming stars."


Ellen Farnsby is a modern-day Scheherazade. And if she doesn't tell the story of a lifetime, someone else will be writing her obituary. She is kidnapped by Paige, a failed novelist with an ax to grind. Jeremy is a video store clerk whose one talent is fooling himself, and others, that he's an artist. He and a pop junkie of a detective named Lydecker are hunting for Ellen. Will Jeremy and Lydecker find Ellen before a vicious maniac edits her out of existence? Will Ellen write a brilliant novel or end up a tragic movie-of-the-week?

"She is so talented," Freeman said. "She's only been around a few short years and has accomplished a lot already, but I think we can expect bigger and better from her in the future."

Grubb has been featured in the indie horror films Terror Overload, Tales of the Dead, 13 Hours in a Warehouse, Bad Girls Burn in Hell, Strip Club Slasher, Camp Kill and Cave Women on Mars, to name a few. In 2009 alone, she appeared in 13 different projects. Just this week Why Am I In A Box? won six Creative Spirit Awards, including golds for low budget feature, original comedy, originality and film feature. Not bad for somebody who a very short time ago considered herself "just a writer."

Shortly after graduating with an English degree from the College of St. Catherine, Grubb won the Best Breakthrough Screenplay award at the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival with her first feature script.

"I remember being at a screening at the film festival," Grubb told PollyStaffle.com in 2008. "This guy next to me asked if I was an actress, and I wished then that I could have said yes. I still never thought I could be an actress, but a few years later, I started taking acting classes. Once I was confident enough, I started auditioning for local films, and everything just took off from there."

Freeman says the "Evening with Rachel Grubb" will be the first in a series of events at the Sci-Fi Center under the "PollyGrind Presents" banner. PollyGrind, short for the Polly Staffle Grindhouse Film Festival, is a four-day event that will take place in May.

Located at the northwest corner of the Commercial Center (right off Sahara on 2520 State State, Las Vegas, NV 89109), the Sci-Fi Center is a comic book and film geek's paradise. Owned by William Powell, the store houses a true grindhouse movie theater dubbed The Underground Screening Room that seats 50 and showcases arthouse, horror, cult, science fiction, fantasy and independent cinema not usually available at traditional theaters in Vegas.

To RSVP for the event, please do so on Facebook or MeetUp.

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