New Toy Tuesday! A Sexy Princess, Ash, Bigfoot, The Mummy And The Starship Enterprise

Source: Entertainment Earth

Fantasy Figure Gallery Luis Royo The Touch of Ice Statue

A touch of beauty!
Hinatunaone, Woman of the Sands.
Intricately detailed, limited edition statue based on Luis Royo's artwork.
Reach out and touch this ethereal beauty!

A touch of beauty! This stunning statue from the Fantasy Figure Gallery is "The Touch of Ice" by Luis Royo. Masterfully sculpted by Shunjii Hagii, Royo's work is brought to life as never before. Every detail, every crease, every fold is rendered with such exquisite precision that one can almost reach out and touch the supple flesh of this ethereal beauty! Approximately 6-inches tall while crouching, Hinatunaone, Woman of the Sands, comes complete with a numbered display base and certificate of authenticity in a collector's style window box. Limited edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide.

Hinatunaone, Woman of the Sands. That is what he named her. Drawn by his own hand from the sands of a distant land, she appeared at once, adorned as if waiting ever vigilant for her creator, her mate to come, yet at the same time invaded by a sense of privilege... and a touch of ice.

Coming Later This Month! Order Yours Today For $87.99!

Star Trek Enterprise Cadet Series Set Model Kits

Like 3 for the price of 1!
Your favorite Enterprises!
From the movies and TV series!
Small kits, big detail!

When the sky isn't the limit, these mini kits allow you to display various in-scale versions of the Enterpriseon one shelf! The 1:2500 scale Cadet Series of kits includes the original series Enterprise, as well as the Enterprise Refit from theStar Trek: The Motion Picture and the Enterprise-B from Star Trek: Generations. The kit features aztec/marking decals and easy snap assembly with option to glue. Kits feature Aztec and marking decals and easy snap assembly with option to glue. Kits range in size from 4 to 6-inches long when fully assembled.

Coming In May Of 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $12.99!

Army of Darkness S-Mart Ash Action Figure

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart!
Action figure of Ash Williams from the hit movie Army of Darkness.
It's a marvelously detailed collectible!
Comes with rifle, water bottle, and stock-cart base.

The immensely popular Cult Classics line continues to deliver, this time with the S-Mart Ash Action Figure from the hit movie Army of Darkness. This marvelously detailed Ash Williams comes with his rifle, a water bottle, and a blue-light stock-cart display base. He stands about 7-inches tall, in scale with previous releases. This is a terrific collectible, so shop smart and order yours right away!

Coming Later This Month! Order Now For $16.99!

Bigfoot Statue

Proof that the legend is real!
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or ? He's one huge human-like, humanoid beast!
Statue looks just like the hairy man-creature, with an unmistakable face.
He's a great gift that measures 18-inches tall in polystone!

Prove to your friends that he's real! Now you can sight Bigfoot whenever and wherever you like! This heavy polystone statue measures 18-inches tall and looks just like Bigfoot... only smaller! Put one in your neighbor's garden or your child's closet. He's the best hairy man-creature statue money can buy, and he'll make a great gift for the Sasquatch lover in your life! Boxed with illustrated label.

Coming In May 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $29.99

Universal Monsters Select The Mummy Action Figure

Imhotep at your service!
Detailed figure!
Classic Universal Monster!

Dig deep into the sands of antiquity and you too will discover Imhotep himself, The Mummy! Sculpted by legendary monster sculptor, Jean St Jean, with the added artistry of Select regular Rudy Garcia (who, like a craftsman of old sculpted the Mummy's detailed sarcophagus accessory), this is a dusty terror from a bygone era! The fans have already spoken, hailing this line as the most detailed and accurate depiction of the classic Universal Monsters ever, and this 7-inch tall depiction of the infamous Mummy is proof-positive dedication to bringing these iconic monsters to collectors. The Select version includes an exclusive paint scheme as well as the detailed accessory.

Coming In September 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $19.99

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