An Update On Jamie Belty, The LEGEND OF GRASSMAN Crew Member Who Was Assaulted With A Hammer

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Tyler Meyer

On Wednesday I posted a small article about the tragic story of 23-year-old Jamie Belty, a crew member on film maker, Tyler Meyer's, film, "The Legend of Grassman", who was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend with a hammer.

The e-mail that I was forwarded, by a mutual friend, Avery Guerra, was a few weeks old (not the fault of Avery, it ended up in his 'spam' folder by accident), so the information on Jamie's condition was not up to date.

I am now happy to report that things are looking up for Jamie and she will recover.

Tyler Meyer sent me this message yesterday, via Facebook, that I think everyone will be very happy to read:

"I'm happy to say that in the few weeks since I sent that email out, her condition has improved dramatically. I spent time with her at the hospital on Sunday. Her jaw is wired shut, so she communicates by writing. But we sat around and talked and joked like normal. She denied it, but I'm pretty sure I even caught a couple smiles."

"She's still got a lot of healing to do, and she'll has a long road of rehab & reconstructive surgeries to endure, but we're all blown away by how fast she's progressing."


Tyler also wanted me to tell everyone that Jamie and her family truly felt blessed by all of the prayers and donations that they had received.

For those of you who missed my prior article, you can read about the attack at the WLWT News 5 website - Police Kill Man As He Beats Woman With Hammer

Though, thankfully, Jamie has taken a turn for the better, the family still needs help paying for her medical expenses and rehabilitation.

If you would like to help out, please visit -

We are all behind you Jamie!

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