Indiana Jones In The Bermuda Triangle?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: WENN / Cinamatical

In the last Indiana Jones movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", aliens from another world and Russian spies replaced the Nazis as the hero/archeologist's main nemesis. Now, possibly, Dr. Jones will be tangling with the little grey men once again, in the Bermuda Triangle.

Rumors started popping up all over the place yesterday that a source close to the film had tipped off the New Zealand based movie website, Stuff, that Indiana Jones would be venturing to the mysterious area in the Atlantic where ships and planes seem to vanish without a trace. The informant also stated that filming was set to begin next year for a possible 2012 release.

That was yesterday, and now producer Frank Marshall has responded to these rumors via Twitter, "The rumor about INDY 5 is completely false. Nothing has changed, we are not shooting next year and still in the research phase..."

Read into that as you may, either the news was complete B.S., like Marshall says, or maybe the normally very reliable movie site landed a major scoop, and the producer is trying to do damage control.

Reportedly, "Indiana Jones 5" has been in this 'research phase' since September of last year, when George Lucas had made a few public statements where he seemed to bounce back-and-forth on the subject of whether Indiana Jones, or his son Mutt Williams, would be the main focus of the film.

Here is what George Lucas was saying at that time:

"I have an idea to make Shia the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie"

"The franchise really depends on me coming up with a good idea, and that series is very research intensive."

"So we're doing research now to see if we can't come up with another object for him to chase... hopefully we'll come up with something."

"Harrison Ford 'is Indiana Jones'. If it was Mutt Williams it would be Mutt Williams and the Search for Elvis or something."

Kinda confusing stuff, but we are talking about George Lucas here, the same guy that thought that having Jar Jar Binks being a pivotal character in the "Star Wars" prequels was a good idea.

According to the report coming out of New Zealand, this film will be the ultimate send-off for Jones, a film that hearkens back to the original films with more action and less visual effects.

Now, I don't want to toot my own horn, but last year I speculated the either Atlantis, or the Bermuda Triangle.....or maybe both, would be the focus of the 5th Indiana Jones film.

Was I right?

Could be, but for right now Frank Marshall is saying no.

I'll try to pull another plot idea out of my backside and let's see if I can go two-for-two?

I'm going to say ......... hmmmm .......... instead of aliens in the Bermuda Triangle, it's Nazis again who became trapped there during the war. The Nazis have some special device or relic that could give them enough power to take over the world.

Is Hitler alive and well in the Bermuda Triangle?

Okay, that sounds a bit wacky, but it could work.

Only time will tell if I'm the Nostradamus of movie writers or not. I do have a pretty good track record to back up the title. In an article earlier this year I stated that I thought that the Gorn should be in the next "Star Trek" movie, then a few weeks later J.J. Abrams echoed the same idea.

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