Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants WONDER WOMAN

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

The live-action movie based on the "Wonder Woman" television series from the 1970s that starred Lynda Carter has been in some form of development for what seems like a zillion years now, and just about every actress in Hollywood has been swooning over the title role.

Well, not every actress in Hollywood, but like the ever growing list of young ladies who want to play "Catwoman" in the next "Batman" movie, the list of potential Amazon princesses is as long as Route 66.

The latest Hollywood hottie that wants the role, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is doing all she can to get the execs at Warner Bros to put her name on the top of that much coveted list.

As a youth the now former Ghost Whisperer actress was a bit obsessed with the super hero.

"I'm fighting so hard." Explains Hewitt. "I think Warner Bros. is getting ready to make Wonder Woman and I really want to play Wonder Woman. I am obsessed with Wonder Woman."

A hard core Wonder Woman fan or not, the curvy Hewitt is up against some pretty tough (rumored) competition. Others who have expressed interest in the part are Anna Friel, Megan Fox, Eliza Dushku and singer Beyonce Knowles.

Back when the film was first announced in 2007 Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes were considered the favorites for the part. Holmes even went as far as to have a private audition for the coveted role, but nothing ever came from it.

Who is the former Wonder Woman's first choice to replace her? Lynda Carter personally spoke out publicly to endorse Eliza Dushku to take over the part last year.

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