Mad Scientist #21

Mad Scientist #21

by Armand Vaquer

The newest issue of Mad Scientist magazine (no. 21) is at the printers. Editor/publisher Martin Arlt will be selling the magazine next month at G-FEST in Chicago.

The issue contains (Source: Mad Scientist magazine's website):

A full-color cover by Don Marquez
I Bid You Welcome... (Editorial)
The Monster That Challenged the World!
An appreciation of Inoshiro Honda
Monster Profile: Ebirah
Artificial evolution in The Island of Doctor Moreau and The Alligator People
A selection of storyboard art from The Mist by Pete Von Sholly
Tales from the Lab
Doctor Who Season 16: "The Key to Time"
Vault of Comics: Incredible Hulk 1
Art by Fred Hembeck, Mark Jiro Okui, and John Rozum
Plus more!

One of the "mores" is a review of The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan. In the review, reviewer Martin Arlt states:

Ever watch a Japanese monster movie and wonder what Godzilla and his friends were destroying? Or maybe you’ve thought about taking a trip there to see things first hand. Either way, The Monster Movie Fan’s Guide to Japan should satisfy your needs. Armand Vaquer has put together a handy guide that, while tailored to the monster fan, is useful for any world traveler.

This guide is broken down into different regions of Japan. Within each region are separate entries that cover various cities and other areas. Within each entry is an explanation of famous landmarks and the monster films in which they appeared. It’s a nice mix of factual and historical information, coupled with the relevance to genre films.

To read the full review, buy the magazine! You can either get it next month at G-FEST, or order now at the website. Either way, you'll enjoy Mad Scientist as it is consistently a fun read!

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