An Idea That Is Way Overdue - Star Wars Themed Lingerie!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Evening Arwen / BuzzFeed

What true-blue male sci fi geek hasn't had a "Star Wars" related ...... um ....... 'romantic' fantasy?

Most of these, certainly, have featured a bikini clad slave Princess Leia.

But what if you like the dark side?

Those probably involved Leia in a bikini too, didn't they?

Well, if ya ever wanted to get your groove on with a dark lord, or one of his soldiers ........ in female form, and you can talk your little lady into it, you can now live out your fantasies!

California based Evening Arwen have just released a pair of brand new corsets inspired by Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers.

Now, these naughty costumes don't go by the name, 'Vader', or 'Stormtrooper', to avoid any legal issues. Instead they are called, "Galactic Lord Corset Costume" and "Galactic Trooper Corset Costume", but the fact that they are "Star Wars" costumes/lingerie for women is more than apparent.

Here is the info from Evening Arwen:

Galactic Lord Corset Costume

Megalomania just got sexier with this Galactic Lord Corset Costume that I made for myself! Let the heavy breathing commence :)

I made this Galactic Lord costume as a Halloween costume for myself last year in 2009. Although I have yet to wear this to any conventions I enjoy it so much that I hope to wear it to one in the near future.

No Galactic Ruler should been seen with a purse so I created it with storage compartments in the utility belt, suitable for holding the keys to my starship and my communication device.

Only a swishy cape can make a grand entrance really grand so I also attached one to the matching shrug.

And to finish things off, I added a pair of gauntlets that can fit over most regular sized dress gloves.

Even when I'm not wearing it, this outfit is still loaded!

Galactic Trooper Corset Costume

Calling all citizens! Your galaxy needs you!

Want to train to be the best you can be? Want to kick some ass? Want to be sexy while you do it? lol

I made this Galactic Trooper Corset Costume for my friend for the Halloween of 2009. I made it with a vinyl corset and sleeved shrug, utility belt with 6 storage compartments, bicep and forearm braces and shorts.

I wonder how many ladies will be brave enough to wear these to Comic Con?

Here are a couple of pics of the full costumes for Galactic Trooper and Galactic Lord:

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