Just In Case You Were Still Wondering? CLOVERFIELD 2 Still On Hold

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Sky.com

This should come to no surprise to anyone who reads Monster Island News, but the sequel to J.J. Abrams 2008 monster film, "Cloverfield" is still expected to be made, but not anytime soon.

Such has been the story for, well, two years now.

For some reason, the entertainment media just won't stop hounding Abrams and director Matt Reeves about the proposed film, and every time they do, it makes the wire service.

So to recap, once again, the film makers still want to do it, they have some ideas how to do it, but the whole creative team is busy on other films, namely "Super 8" and "Star Trek 2" for Abrams and the vampire film "Let The Right One In" for Reeves.

Once those are out of the way, then, maybe, "Cloverfield 2" will go forward?

Then again, that Abrams and Reeves are the sneaky ones. Maybe they are already working on it, or will be working on it soon?

Only thing is, if that is happening, or is about to happen, they bloody well aren't about to go yapping to the press about it.

So, when it comes to a "Cloverfield" sequel, I would just sit back and wait until some strange videos or trailers with some giant monster start popping up, then you will now something is happening.

Oh, and that is a fan made "Cloverfield 2" poster, so don't start any rumors now.

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