Scarlet Salem Goes Gun Crazy On The Set Of OPPOSITE BLOOD

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Scarlet Salem

Popular 'scream queen' Scarlet Salem has stepped outside her usual roles in low-budget horror and exploitation films to star in Billy Xiong's upcoming martial arts heavy action film, "Opposite Blood."

Though Scarlet may be within her comfort zone when she is being chased around by maniacs bent on chopping her to bits, when it came to handling a gun, however, that was a different story.

Just about everyone thinks that shooting off a Glock is pretty damn cool, and Scarlet is no exception, but the young actress found the experience a little bit intimidating, at least at first.

Scarlet explains, "This weekend I filmed more scenes with my character, Lin Chow, at an actual gun range! Not only did I get to shoot some awesome scenes, when we were done, I got to shoot an actual Glock for the very first time in my life! Let me tell you, it was insane! I wasn't nervous at all when we filmed, but when I shot that gun, it was a whole other story. Although I missed the target horribly, It was a great experience to say the least, haha."

"Opposite Blood" is presently filming under the direction of Billy Xiong for 5 Brothers Productions.

Here is the plot:

The Opposite Blood is about two brothers with two different blood streams. They One is a cold blood killer and the other is a young innocent individual. The innocent brother is caught between his cold blood brother and a multi million-airs mafia boss. The mafia boss is the one who made their lives miserable. As soon as the two brothers found out what happened in the past, the mafia is only allow them to stay alive 24 hours. Thus, a deadly female assassin is already only the way to get rid of the two brothers and the missing puzzle carrier. The missing puzzle carrier is the nightmare of the mafia boss. Beside the mission of the deadly female assassin, the mafia boss utilized his power and money to exchange for his life.

Website -

Here are some set photos from "Opposite Blood" featuring a gun toting Scarlet Salem from her blog:

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