Ame Comi Joker Deula Dent Statue

What If The Joker Was A Woman?

Source: Entertainment Earth

If you're after a unique collectible, the Ame Comi Joker Deula Dent Statue is it. Obviously, you know who the Joker is, but we think that Ms. Dent makes a pretty nice one. Check out her hat, her cane, her unique dress! She isn't coming until next year, but she's so colorful we just had to show her to you right now. She's even got a swell display stand, too!

Duela Dent as the Joker!
Duela Dent has steam and sass!
Duela Dent makes her appearance to the Ame Comi line of statues!

Clockwork cute and dressed to impress, Duela Dent is steampunk chic, strutting her stuff, backpack brimming with Joker toxin, and carrying a killer cane as she joins the popular Ame-Comi series! Gears and steam, lace and goggles, the booted and brass-buckled beauty Duela Dent is a corseted cutie, decked out in futuristic Victorian vixen attire. The rumored daughter of The Joker is one deadly doll! Packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, this non-articulated plastic statue stands approximately 9 1/4-inches tall and includes a display base.

Coming In March 2011! Order Yours Today For Only $59.99!

Of course we think that if any woman should be The Joker it should be actress Rachel Grubb!

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