A Special Sneak Peek - Queen Rapunzel From "Goldilocks In Zombie Land"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Jeff Hughes

Om Wednesday I was sent the first rough sketch from Comic Book Divas upcoming online comic, "Goldilocks In Zombie Land" featuring the likeness of actress Scarlet Salem as Goldilocks. Today I have her partner in zombie slaying, Queen Rapunzel, who is modeled after actress and author Dai Green. (See Below)

Like Goldilocks, Rapunzel is sexy and elegant, like Green herself, but don't let the graceful exterior fool you, she will be kicking ass right alongside the title character, and she won't even get her makeup smugged in the process.

Here is the release that came along with the photo:

Comic Book Divas owner and artist Jason Dube are proud to reveal the preliminary art for "Queen Rapunzel" which is portrayed by Dai Green.

This is a very preliminary look at "Queen Rapunzel" as you can see creator and writer Jeff Hughes and artist Jason Dube took more a traditional path to Queen Rapunzel's costume but readers can expect more of a slight up to date look.

We went for this look since after all she is the Queen of this story book world so she had to look very elegant but also maintain that sexy confident look something that both the fairy tale character and Dai Green both have in common.

Queen Rapunzel may look very prim and proper but this version of Rapunzel can and will kick major zombie butt all while her crown stays on her head!

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And here is a bio of Dai Green (photo above) with a little background about here character, Queen Rapunzel:

Dai Green will be portraying StoryBook 2012’s “Queen Rapunzel”; from the start reader’s will know that Goldilocks and Rapunzel have a past but their is mutual respect between the two; reader’s will also discover that she is a lot more than your average ruler, she is more than willing to get into the zombie fight herself.

Dai Green is the Managing Editor of “HorrorNews.net“, she also runs the column called Horror Talk with Dai and is also co-host of the infamous Podcast From Hell” with my lovely co-host John Torrani and The Gash with the equally as beautiful Rebekah The Jew and Nita Burson.

Dai Green is a horror enthusiast and promote the genre as much as humanly possible!

And here is a quick synopsis of "Goldilocks In Zombie Land":

When we were children we all read the classic storybook stories of Red Riding Hood, The Three Blind Mice, Jack and Jill, the Gingerbread Man and many other stories that taught many of us valuable lessons in life.

What if that world did not exist because of a unknown zombie virus that spread like wildfire throughout the storybook world and turned this lovable characters into brain loving flesh eating monsters!?

Welcome to StoryBook World 2012 one of many story book worlds in the storybook universe, but this storybook has been devastated by that unknown zombie virus, turning many storybook residents into flesh eating monsters.

Who can save them?!, Who can stop this madness?!, Who can kick major zombie butt plus have the fashion sense and look really hot doing it?!

That’s when you call GOLDILOCKS!!!!

“Goldilocks In Zombie Land” tells the story of Goldilocks and her band of zombie hunting friends “Bo Peep”, “The Woodsman”, and Jack “From The Bean Stalk) as they fight, hack, slash, and shoot their way through a horde of fairy tale zombies in order to reach Castle Tower the last safe haven in StoryBook 2012 and the home of “Queen Rapunzel”.

The queen has summoned Goldilocks to discuss a mission to rid their world of this very un-storybook behavior, problem will this turn into a suicide mission before their is another Happily Ever After?

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